Canoe Seats

At we offer not just kayak seats but canoe seats as well. All of these are manufactured by Watersports Warehouse. Find your made-to-order, high quality, customizable canoe seat back right here. We do stock the Strut Attach Canoe Seat which comes only in black and can ship it to you right away. The other models come in a range of color choices for the durable canvas covering. All are adjustable with forward straps that have slider buckles and adjustable straps for fastening around the existing seat in your canoe. Choose from standard or high back, with pocket or without. The whole idea is to get you in your comfort zone so you can focus your attention on wind, water and waves or practicing your paddling technique or conversation with your canoeing buddies.

Note: Not finding the style you are looking for? We have separate pages for Foam Canoe Saddle Seats, Drop-In Seats for canoes and Canoe Cushions and Pads.

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