Damaged Items Returns

Our manufacturers stand behind their products 100%.  Although the manufacturers we work with develop products of the highest craftsmanship and quality, occasionally a minor defect may pass through the manufacturer's quality control system.  If you receive your kayak seat or other kayak accessory and it appears to be defective, we want to resolve the problem as quickly as possible in a manner that is convenient to our customers. 

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST contact Comfykayak.com at 1-800-568-0727 or by e-mail at support@comfykayak.com to authorize any return and to receive instructions on where to send the product.  Please DO NOT return any product without first obtaining prior authorization and instructions from Comfykayak.com.

If you received an order that was damaged in shipping, please contact us immediately. Do not return the item to us as the shipping carrier must have the opportunity to establish a claim and, possibly, inspect the damaged carton. If the shipping carrier cannot verify that there is a covered loss under the transit insurance because an item has been returned to us, or its condition of receipt has been compromised, we reserve the right to deduct a loss percentage up to and including the full purchase price of the product.