18' V-style Straps - pair


Product Overview

The 18’ V-style Straps, pair from Seattle Sports is perfect solution to secure your kayak to the front and rear of your vehicle. These straps are heavy-duty, and assure utmost durability. Featuring G-hook with coated tip, the 18’ V-style Straps are ideal for various uses. Their long length offer ultimate convenience in carrying things around. The strap comes with 2 hooks and 1 cam buckle. For wind and twist protection, the straps come with extra strength webbing. They are as effective as two regular length bow and stern straps. The Coated G-hook prevents scratches and dings. These straps are economically priced, and are ideal pair.

Length 18ft
variableshiptime200.gif Ships in 0 to 14 Business Days
Features Benefits
Longer length Offer convenience to carry around things easily
Heavy-duty Assure durability of the straps
G-Hook with coated tip Prevents scratches and dings
Extra strength webbing Ensures wind and twist protection
Superior construction Delivers same great benefits as our regular bow/stern straps
Made in Asia