2-piece Perception Pescador Fishing Paddle 230cm


Product Overview

The 2-piece Perception Universal Paddle 230cm from Perception Kayaks Fiberglass reinforced blades deliver ideal balance of light weight and durability, 2-piece take-apart construction with corrosion resistant injection molded ferrule.

Color: Lime/Blue , Moss Camo
Length: 230 cm
Weight: 34 oz.
length adjustment: 0-20cm length

Normally Ships in 0 to 3 Business Days
Features Benefits
Benefit: Blade dihedral for smooth, stable, and stealthy strokes
Feature:                                      Sturdy blade design for maximum control and maneuverability of heavier fishing kayaks
Use: Line hook to retrieve snagged lures or anchor line with less movement
Design: Designed to perform well with the Perception Pescador family of kayaks and is compatible with all Perception sit-inside and sit-on-top recreational kayaks
Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance