7" Universal Canoe Block


Product Overview

Replace your old canoe blocks with the Riverside 7" Universal Canoe Block from Seattle Sports to ensure smooth installation of canoe on cars. Featuring a seven inches tall profile, each block is thick and strong and it has been detailed with gunnel cut-outs for easy installation with the canoe. The non-skid laminate used in the design prevents slippage and provides better grip & balance. The foam construction does not cause scratches on your car. This replaceable canoe block can either be bought in pairs or even in bulk single as per the need of your canoe kit. This block is compatible mostly with factory racks or with vehicles having no rack.

Block Dimensions 4in H x 3.75in D x 6.75in W
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Features Benefits
Construction It features a rectangular profile with gunnel cut-outs. It is made using foam.
Non-Skid laminate They permit easy handling and use.
Anti-slipping bottom It ensures a firm grounding.
Compatibility It can be used with factory rack or no racks.
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