AB50 8' Double End Carbon Shaft Paddle

Normally ships in 2-7 business days if item is in stock. This item is only available to USA customers; Sea Eagle does not permit its US vendors to market its products outside of the United States.

Product Overview

The Featherweight AB50 8' Double End Carbon Shaft Paddle from Sea Eagle will help keep you on the water while providing you unparalleled blade performance. We use a high strength to weight ratio fiberglass shaft along with the strongest measured blade in the industry to get you moving on the water. Featherweight AB50 8' Double End Paddle with Carbon-Fiberglass shaft and Asymmetrical spoon blades.

Weight(Lbs): 2.4 lbs
Blade Size: 8 Feet
Blade Color Black
Normally ships in 2-7 business days if item is in stock. This item is only available to USA customers; Sea Eagle does not permit its US vendors to market its products outside of the United States.
Features Benefits
Lightweight Offers featherweight paddling ease
Strength and Durability Super balance and uncompromising strength and durability
Made with Made with asymmetrical spoon blades
Efficiency Super light, super strong carbon fiberglass shaft
Part Breaks into two parts
Snap Button Snap button for flat, left or right feathering
Blade With a fiberglass reinforced nylon resin blade
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance