Advanced Techlift Kayak Seat Pad


Product Overview

The Advanced Techlift Kayak Seat Pad from Perception Kayaks Increase the comfort and leverage of your sit-inside or sit-on-top kayak so you can stay on the water longer. This seat pad is made from 3/4" thick mini-cell (closed-cell) foam, which improves position and enhances your comfort level. Easy to use, this kayak seat pad features an adhesive backing - just peel and stick and can be trimmed to fit.

Color: Grey
Dimensions: 15” x 16” x 0.75” (38cm x 41cm x 1.91cm)
Thick: 1.91 cm

Normally Ships in 0 to 3 Business Days
Features Benefits
Benefit:                             Thick padding increases comfort and position
Feature: Peel and stick adhesive backing is easy to install
Design: Trim to fit a variety of kayak seats
Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance