Animas Dry Backpack Straps Bag


Product Overview

The Animas Dry Backpack Straps Bag from Watershed is the Animas is our most popular backpack style. It offers enough room for a couple of days worth of gear, along with the convenience of removable backpack straps. Perfect for tackle boxes along with extra clothing on a fishing trip, or enough gear for two days on the river.

Weight 2 lb 8 ozs
Capacity 3300 cu (54 L)
Dimensions 28"H x 15"W x 8"D
Opening Size 16"
Closure Type ZipDry
Ships in 0 to 6 Weeks
Features Benefits
Convertible Removable waistband and removable shoulder straps plus sturdy lug handle allow for easy converstion from backpack to carry bag
Waterproof Zipdry track forms a waterproof seal; use the three-roll closure for extra peace of mind
Submersible Watertight to a depth of 300' submersion or more
Durable Polyurethane-coated rip-stop weave nylon has five times the abrasion resistance of PVC
Resistant UV and chemical resistant
Quality Mil-Spec stitching on handles on buckles add to the durability picture
Fused Radio frequency welded seams are overlapping and fused to bond layers into a single piece
Colors Choose from Black, Blue, Coyote, Orange and Clear
Made_in_USA Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance

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