Basic Safety Kit


Product Overview

The Basic Safety Kit for Kayak or Canoe Paddling from Seattle Sports includes three pieces of safety equipment essential to any paddling accessories collection. The Paddler's Bilge Pumpallows you to quickly and efficiently remove water from the bottom of your boat. The Paddle Float assists you with re-entry into your kayak in the event that you have capsized, for a re-entry and a roll or for kayak roll training. Finally, the ever-important Safety Whistle gets you located faster. A more affordable alternative to the Deluxe Safety Kit. Don't go paddling without it.

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Pieces 3 products for one great price
Weight 1 lb 10 oz
Shipping Weight 2 lbs 10 oz
Features Benefits
Pump Paddler's Bilge Pump saves time and tedious bailing
Float The Paddle Float is a vital piece of safety equipment
Whistle Safety Whistle helps you get located faster