Boost Canoe Paddle


Product Overview

The Boost Canoe Paddle from Cannon Paddles for which power is the word most commonly used to describe the Boost Canoe paddle. It’s outrigger shape lends to moving a great deal of water and giving you ultimate control of your canoe. The shaft is made of an anodized Aircraft grade aluminum to handle any amount of abuse. The blade has a large powerful face with an aggressive dihedral angle to give you stroke efficiency while not being fatiguing. Our ergonomic grip will provide you the feel and confidence for long trips on the water.

Weight (oz): 22oz
Weight(g): 625g
Color: Black
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Features Benefits
Comfort Ergonomic grip for comfort and control
Strong Durable aluminum construction
BLADE FG Polymer
Design: Tear drop design for additional power
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance