Buckle Protector

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Product Overview

The Buckle Protector from Seattle Sports is a device that guards a buckle from potential damage that may be caused due to unwanted scratches and accidental marks resulting on its surface. Featuring an oversized design, this device offers cushioned support to the buckle so that it conveniently slips onto the strap and prevents your car from accidental scratches. The use of 1/8" expanded foam vinyl along with felt backing offers high durability to the design, while the edges have been detailed with a firm texture that assists in providing a better grip to the user. The use of a buckle protector also strengthens the fitting of the buckle.

Dimensions 4in H x 2.25in W x 0.25in D
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Features Benefits
Construction It features a strong and oversized cushy design.
Usage It keeps the buckle firm in its place.
Materials used It is made using 1/8" expanded vinyl foam and felt backing.
Utility It prevents dings and scratches.
Made in Asia