Bungee Deck Cord - 150 Feet Roll


Product Overview

Made of finest quality rubber, the Bungee Deck Cord - 150' roll from Seattle Sports is an ideal bungee replacement solution. It is a top of the line bungee cord that assures superior performance and longevity. To hold gear in place and minimize slippage, it comes with a ribbed jacket. The diameter of this Bungee Deck Cord is 7/32in and length is 150 ft. It is perfect solution for replacing old worn out bungee on your kayak, and can be used for kayak decks, boat, car covers and more. Create paddle holders, add deck rigging or secure gear in your kayaks tankwell, with this Bungee Deck Cord - 150' roll.

Rope Diameter 7/32in
Length 150ft
Features Benefits
Made from first quality rubber Ensures superior performance and longevity
Ribbed jacket Minimizes slippage and holds gear in place
Perfect replacement Ideal to replace old worn out bungee on your kayak
Uses Great for Kayak decks, boat and car covers
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance