Canoe Spray Decks-cs

$659.95 - $729.95

Product Overview

The Canoe Spray Decks from North Water We make Spray Decks for almost any Canoe. They have a unique mounting system and proven Measurement Guide and Order Form to ensure a snug fit on your canoe. With many options and our ability to customize, you can design your deck the way you want it. Two Cockpits Designed for sitting or kneeling. Constructed of high quality waterproof fabric with a 2" Velcro closure for safe, quick access in and out. When paddling calm waters the cockpits can be tucked under the deck to provide ventilation. Hoops in front of the cockpits create a splashguard to deflect water away from the paddlers. They can be easily removed when not in use yet remain stationary with our new pocket system. Once your deck is installed the hoops can be trimmed to the proper length. The deck fabric is very durable, will not tear and is very resistant to puncture. These patches lash the Spray Deck to your canoe. We use a system that is easy to install and allows adjustment of load height to eliminate pooling. They will not corrode or jam like conventional snaps. They are low profile to eliminate snagging on branches, rocks and knuckles. Attached to the inside your boat, they allow the use of a single-pull lashing cord to draw the deck tight. When the deck is removed your hull retains a nice, clean look. (see our FAQ page) The patches are also field maintainable without tools.

Color: Red and Blue
Rub Strips: 3"
Dimensions: L 18" x W 23"
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Features Benefits
Benefit: Rub Strips protects your deck from paddle and general wear and tear along the gunwales
Feature: Paddle Pocket this pocket allows paddlers fast access to a spare paddle. You can specify the length for a perfect fit
Quality: Painter Tie-Down velcro closure straps and built in carabineer loop at the bow and stern to keep painter lines or throw bags at the ready
Design: Roll-Away Cockpit Tabs a set of 7 Velcro tabs around each cockpit to roll the cockpit down and away from you on those fair weather paddling days
Use: One Cargo Hatch allows easy access to gear during the day. YKK zipper secures the hatch while a 420D-nylon cover with hook and loop helps shed water and keep the zipper free of dirt and grit
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance