Canoe Thwart Bag

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Now: $129.95

Product Overview

The Canoe Thwart Bag from North Water is perfect for those items that you want to keep close at hand and not rolling around in the bottom of the boat. With multiple mounting options and a fanny pack strap, you can always have this bag right where you want it. The double zipper sliders do not go all the way to the “bottom” so it helps prevent dumping. A versatile bag for many uses. Mount on the thwart, on the sides of your canoe or in other types of boats or vehicles.

Color: Red/Purple/Black
Weight: 0.77 lbs
Length: 7"
Width: 13"
Height: 6"
variableshiptime200.gif Normally Ships in 0 to 14 Business Days
Features Benefits
Mounting Options: Lightweight D-Rings can be mounted to a thwart, under seat or inside of the gunnels using the included lightweight D-Rings
Feature: Royalex Canoes use Vinyl-Tec 2000 PVC Adhesive to permanently secure these anchors to Composite Thermoformed or Royalex Canoes
Design: Insert easy access with dual zipper sliders and plastic insert
Use: Pack can be easily removed and brought along as a fanny pack
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance