Crank 10.0 Recreational Pedal Kayak

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Product Overview

The Crank 10.0 Recreational Pedal Kayak  from Perception Kayaks  is the first of a new generation of easy-to-use, fast and fun pedal drive kayaks from Perception Kayaks. It's perfect for lakes, ponds and calm coastal waters. The Crank incorporates a fresh design aesthetic with incredibly comfortable ergonomics for powerful yet easy pedaling while providing ample surfaces for rigging aftermarket accessories including two Solo Mount recesses within easy reach.

Featuring a new-and-improved pedal drive, this kayak pedals effortlessly, covers lots of water, and provides the ability to go forward and reverse without removing the drive from the boat. The easy-handling Crank packs a punch and opens up the water to everyone in a fun, stable and manageable package.

Additional Feature:


  • Efficient and easy-to-use pedal drive system
  • Captain's Chair: folding, adjustable, and removable seating
  • One-handed rudder control
  • Transducer scupper in hull for fish and depth finders
  • Front and rear storage areas with bungee lashing to secure gear
  • 2 molded-in Solo Mount recesses - accepts Perception Solo Mounts (sold separately) for staging accessories
  • One-piece rigid carry handles on front and rear for easy transport
  • Molded-in side carry handles
  • Side paddle park - a groove and small bungee strap make it easy to secure your paddle while resting or casting


Max. Capacity : 350 LBS. / 159 KG
Boat Weight : 87 LBS. / 40 KG
Length : 10' / 304 cm
Width : 35" / 89 cm
Deck Height : 12.5" / 30 cm
variableshiptimenew.gif Allow up to 6 Weeks for Delivery
Features Benefits
Retractable Kayak Rudder : The Crank's rudder keeps your kayak tracking straight and can also assist with steering. This rudder is controlled by the knob shown in tag F.
Rear Skid Plate for Added Durability : Replaceable skid plate prevents damage when dragging your boat.
Rear Storage Tankwell with Bungee : Large open storage behind the seat for coolers, camping gear and supplies. Bungees keep your gear secure and two tankwell scuppers provide drainage.
Adjustable Captain's Chair : Removable chair can be folded for transport. Adjust seat back position with side straps and move front/back with grooved slots to find the optimal paddling position. Compatible with the Perception Seat Back Cooler - sold separately.
Side Storage Trays : Keep smaller items organized in the side storage trays with built-in drainage channels to prevent water build-up.
One-Handed Rudder Control : Low-profile rudder control is simple to operate and within easy reach.
Convenient Drink Holder : Keep thirst at bay by storing your beverage in this easy to reach drink holder.
Perception Pedal Drive : Super-efficient pedal drive with 6:1 gear ratio that features a fixed-pitch prop and improved pedal drive housing.
Bow Storage with Bungee Rigging : Secure your gear with bungee rigging in this open storage area. Compatible with the Splash Bow Bag - sold separately.
Rigid Carry Handles : Rigid carry handles in front/rear for easy transport.
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