Diamond Braided Coil Rope

$6.45 - $149.95

Product Overview

The Diamond Braided Coil Rope from Seattle Sports is an all-purpose rope that is soft, low stretch and easy to tie. It offers great support in activities like camping, boating, securing equipment, using as a rescue line, anchoring, water skiing, wake boarding, lifting objects with a pulley and tying down loads. Featuring a diamond braid construction, it ensures long-lasting value. It is thoughtfully designed for maximum strength and durability. This diamond braided rope is stronger than the conventional braid ropes. It comes in different size and packaging options that offer outstanding performance capability due to their superior construction and strength.

Length Available 1000ft., 15ft. (single pack), 15ft. (Includes 2 lengths)
Features Benefits
Construction Easy to tie, low stretch, good old-fashioned polypro rope
Uses Securing equipment, using as a rescue line, lifting objects with a pulley and tying down loads and using while camping or boating
Diamond braided rope Stronger than solid braid, provides maximum strength and lasting durability.
Low stretch construction Ideal for using in camping, boating, water skiing, anchoring
Resistance Resistant to water, mold, and rot
Additional benefit Comes with fuse ends to prevent unraveling
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance