Dry Bag Repair Kit

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Product Overview

The Dry Bag Repair Kit - With Five Assorted Patches and Glue from Seattle Sports containg five four ince vinyl patches in five assorted colors and an adhesive glue for a permanent seal. Match the color of your dry bag, cut the patch to fit the hole, follow the instructions for adding the adhesive, allow time for drying and you're back on track for waterproof transporting of your gear. A quick and easy solution to rips and tears in your dry bag.

Weight 1 oz
Shipping Weight 2 ozs
Colors Yellow, Blue, Black, Green and Red
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Features Benefits
Variety Five patches in five different colors to match your exising bag.
Glue Fast-drying, permanent glue adhesive affixes your patch for a strong, waterproof seal.
Made in Asia Guaranteed workmanship and performance