Dry Doc MagniMap

$11.95 - $19.95

Product Overview

The Dry Doc MagniMap - SM/LG from Seattle Sports comes with a flexible magnifying tool to explore tiny map details on the move. It is an ultimate solution for travelers and adventurers. It’s clear, durable polyurethane construction makes it resistant to tears or rips. You can easily attach this splash proof map case to your boat, pack or other surfaces as it comes with punched lashing points. This Dry Doc MagniMap feature clear body and wrapped body construction to allow maximum through-case usability. Its positive snap zip-locking style closure makes it ideal for secure, simple, everyday use.

Small Case 9.75 X 6.25 X 0.25 in
Small Weight 2 oz
Large Case 15 X 12.25 X 0.25 in
Large Weight 5 oz
fastshippingnew.gif Normally Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days
Features Benefits
Punched lashing points Allows easy attachment to your boat, pack, and other surfaces
Superior Construction Made of clear, durable Polyurethane
Snap zip-locking style Makes it ideal for secure, simple, everyday use
Clear body Allows maximum through-case usability
Additional benefits Includes flexible magnifying tool to enlarge tiny map details on the go
Made in Asia  Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance