Explorer 350X Inflatable Fishing Kayak

$1,098.95 - $1,298.95

Product Overview


The Explorer 350X Inflatable Fishing Kayak from Sea Eagle Explore More Fishing Locations with this Tough As Nails Fishing Kayak! The Sea Eagle Fishing Explorer is a robust, beefed up, fully accessorized version of the rugged Explorer Series. Designed by and for avid fishermen. Featuring: double layered, nearly indestructible, tough as crocodile hide, 2000 Denier reinforced protective layers, 6 built-in rod holders, forward and aft spray skirts with Sea Eagle exclusive accessory belts to hold your tools, hooks, and lures, a fully adjustable foot brace called the Flex Brace™, 40" Fish Ruler™, anchor trolley D-rings, a huge max load capacity of 575 lbs., and is completely self-bailing. So bring on the roughest conditions and still get to those fish!

Three Packages to Choose From

Deluxe Solo Package : A bare-bones, most cost-efficient, entry-level package. Designed to get you on the water and fishing as quickly a possible.

Pro Solo Package : The perfect package for those who wish to sit lower in cockpit style seating. A low center of gravity improves stability. The tall wrap-around backrest provides comfort while protecting you from the wind.

Swivel Seat Fishing Rig Package : The 360° Swivel Seat Fishing Rig Package takes the 350fx to a whole new level! Sit higher and swivel 360° while fighting the fish to get the very best angle. Two Universal Scotty Deck Mounts with Rod Holders provides you with endless options.

Fishing Kayaks Series
New Sea Eagle fishing kayaks here! True rugged inflatable fishing kayaks. Designed by and for fishermen who wish to adventure outside traditional methods to catch more fish and bigger fish! Say goodbye to costly boat, trailer, fuel and ramp fees! No more smell of gas to deter fish. Get rid of toxic fumes and water pollution. Reduce your carbon footprint. Minimize setup time. Say farewell to crowded boat ramps and inaccessible shorelines. Now you can stealthily glide right into the heart of where the trophy fish are! Best of all - they'll never know you're there! The portability and convenience of these inflatable kayaks let you stow them in your car trunk always ready to go! Enjoy all the features of these incredible kayaks. Including the FastTracks™ patented state of the art, external, rigid, inflatable keel, thicker nearly indestructible hull material, non-slip tough as crocodile hide protective padding, built-in rod, tool, hook and lure holders, built-in Fish Rulers and more! (U.S. Patent #8,286,573 2)

Modular Rigid Drop Stitch Floor Provides Double Protection
The unique modular design of the Sea Eagle Explorer™ features a super rigid, high pressure, drop stitch floor that sits on top of an outside floor. This has several advantages. The high-pressure DS floor provides great rigidity and super responsive paddling performance. The reinforced outside fabric floor provides a double layer of added protection so it can bounce off rocks, logs, and other objects. The modular design allows the DS floor to be easily removed for quick and thorough cleaning.

16 Rapid Self - Bailing Easy To Open & Shut Drain Valves
When the 16 rapid self-bailing drain valves are open, you are sure to drain off water as quickly as it enters! With the drain valves closed you are certain to remain high and dry when paddling on flat waters such as lakes, bays and other bodies of water.

Large Removable Rear Center Skeg
A nice feature of this design is that the skeg can be removed with the Explorer inflated or deflated. Simply remove it for whitewater and skinny water adventures (eliminating it as an obstruction)and replace it for flat water to reduce yawing (swinging to the right or left). This increases track-ability during long flat-water touring, maximizing efficiency.

Durable and Non-slip
Black side tube sections reinforced with 2000 denier nearly indestructible fabric and a removable inner inflatable floor reinforced with a top layer of additional 1000 denier fabric to protect against sharp fins, hooks, abrasions, and abuse. A strip of gray non-slip EVA foam padding added for extra comfort and secure footing.

Customized Front & Rear Spray Skirts
Customized front & rear spray skirts with built-in rod, tool, hook and lure holders plus plenty of storage below.

Sea Eagle Flex Brace™
The Sea Eagle Flex Brace™ is a fully adjustable ergonomic foot brace. Designed to provide hours of comfortable bracing. Streamline your effort while maximizing your drive on those long trips or when powering through the surf!

Standard Features

  • NMMA Certified
  • Customized front & rear spray skirts with built-in rod, tool, hook and lure holders plus storage below and bungee rope lacing on top for additional storage
  • Separate, removable, high-pressure, reinforced, drop-stitch floor with non-slip EVA foam padding and extra top layer of tough as crocodile hide material for superior rigidity, durability and standup fishing
  • 16 High Capacity Self-bailing Drain Valves
  • Large, removable, rear skeg for increased tracking during flatwater touring
  • Front & Rear Carry Handles
  • 14 D-rings to secure seats and gear
  • (3) Separate independent air chambers with One-Way Air Valves for added safety
  • Sea Eagle motor mount receivers for optional motor mount attachment
Capacity : 3 person or 261 kg
Weight : 23 kg
Internal Dimensions : 305 cm x 43 cm
Deflated Dimensions : 79 cm x 48 cm x 25 cm
Length : 350 cm
Width : 99 cm
Tube diameter : 29 cm
Material : 1100 Decitex with 2200 Reinforced Sections
Seam : Overlapped Glued
Inflation Time: 7 minutes
Air Valves : 3 – recessed one way
Chamber: 3 – Floor, Port, Starboard
Engine: Thrust Electric – 34 lbs. (Maximum weight – 15 lbs.)
Floor : High-pressure Double Layer Drop Stitch (Removable) with EVA Foam Padding
Whitewater Rating : Up to Class IV
Inflation Pressure: 3.2 psi
Certification : NMMA
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Features Benefits
Adjustable FlexBrace : Ergonomic foot brace for comfort, especially while riding for long hours.
Non-slip Base: Floor has non-slip foam padding for abrasion, hook, and abuse resistance.
Integrated Fish Ruler : 40” fish ruler confirms whether the caught fish is legal or not and document it.
Drop Stitch High-pressure Floor : The modular design with a drop stitch floor ensures maximum paddling performance and rigidity.
16 Rapid Drain Valves : Drain valves can open and close quickly to clear excess water from the kayak.
Removable Skeg : Large skeg placed at the rear center can be placed for flat water and removed for skinny water sports.
Warranty All purchases of Sea Eagle brand products are backed by Sea Eagle's 3-Year Warranty against manufacturer defects or parts found damaged upon delivery.
The warranty period for outfitters/dealers using inflatable boats as rentals is restricted to 1 year.
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