Fadeproof Cockpit Cover


Product Overview


Tired of cleaning out the bugs, cobweb and other debris that gets inside your kayak while it is not in use? Here is the answer. Just what every kayak needs: a Fadeproof Kayak Cockpit Cover - Protective Kayak Storage Solution from Watersports Warehouse made with waterproof acrylic marine fabric. The adjustable bungee cords make for a tight fit. Available in three sizes.

Check Your Size: We advise that you measure your cockpit before ordering and check your measurements against the sizes listed under "specifications" below. The bungee will allow you to size down a couple of inches, but the cover will not stretch to fit sizes larger than the recommended dimensions.  If you are not sure if a cover will fit your cockpit, please call us and give us the dimensions so we can double-check the fit. If necessary, we can custom-fit your cover. An additional 20% charge may apply for some custom fit orders.

XS fits cockpits up to 31" x 19"
S fits cockpits up to 34" x 19"
M fits cockpits up to 36" x 22.5"
ML fits cockpits up to 37.5" x 23"
L fits cockpits up to 41" x 23" (cloth size: 41" x 24")
LXL fits cockpits up to 43" x 23"
XL fits cockpits up to 44.5" x 23" (cloth size: 46" x 24")
XXL fits cockpits up to 49" x 23" (cloth size: 50" x 24")
XXXL fits cockpits up to 53" x 23" (cloth size: 54" x 24")
Colors Black (We have one XXXL in Royal Blue in stock), other colors by request
 madetoordernew.gif Normally Ships in 2 to 5 Weeks, see colors above
Black L, XL, XXL and XXXL can ship immediately
We have one XXXL in Royal Blue in stock
Features Benefits
Fadeproof Made with a special fabric to minimize fading
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed workmanship and performance