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Product Overview

The Foam-That-Fits from Seattle Sports 1" / 3" / ¼" / ½" is a soft, durable and high density foam. It adheres with Barge Cement, and is perfect fit for various needs. This foam is being offered in 20in x 15in sheets, and in wide range of thicknesses. It is great for custom fitting hip, knee and seat pads. This high density foam plank is ideal to cut and shape for outfitting and meeting demand of a wide range of applications.

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Sheet Dimensions 20in x 15in
Features Benefits
Construction Soft, durable, high density foam
Fits Custom fitting hip, knee, and seat pads
Available in Various thicknesses, and in 20in. x 15in. sheets
Uses Cushioning, padding and outfitting
Usage ease Adhere with Barge Cement
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance