Foot Steering Kit for Stern-Mounted Motors


Product Overview

The Foot Steering Kit for Stern-Mounted Motors from Wilderness Systems The Wilderness Systems Foot Control Kit is designed to connect directly to the Torqeedo 403 Ultralight mounted on the stern of your kayak but is also compatible with many other motors on the market.This kit allows you to steer your kayak using a sliding foot brace system to control your stern mounted motor, leaving your hands free to cast, operate the throttle or perform a variety of other tasks while out on the water.

Color Black
variableshiptimenew.gif Normally Ships in 1 to 4 Weeks
Features Benefits
Hands-free foot control Allows for hands-free foot control of Torqeedo 403 Ultralight and most other motors mounted on the stern of your Wilderness Systems kayak
Included All necessary parts and hardware included
Quick and Easy Installation Simple to follow instructions for quick and easy installation
Compatible Compatible with Wilderness Systems “Rudder Ready” kayaks
"Non-Rudder Ready" “Non-Rudder Ready” models will require additional parts and hardware
  Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance