Heavy Duty Kayak Kart with No-Flat Wheels


Product Overview

The Heavy Duty Kayak Kart with No-Flat Wheels from Wilderness Systems Paddling Magazine's Winner in the “Best Transport/Storage/Launching’ category for 2018, the Wilderness Systems Heavy Kayak Cart can handle big loads and is well-suited to moving fishing kayaks and angler gear.

Note: carrying capacity of cart with beach wheels installed is 330lbs.

Transports Up To 450 Lbs
Diameter Large 12”
Color Black
variableshiptimenew.gif Normally Ships in 1 to 4 Weeks
Features Benefits
Adjustable adjustable width prevents the kayak from twisting and slipping sideways
Two height options high for odd shaped hulls that would usually rub on cart wheels, low for a lower center of gravity to prevent tip overs.
No Scupper Posts no scupper posts prevent damage to the scupper holes of the kayak
Strength constructed of marine-grade, high-strength, heat-treated aluminum alloy for superior strength
Security straps Two included security straps prevent the kayak from slipping
Load and Unload Easy to load and unload the kayak – no kickstands or scupper posts required
Collapsible and storable Collapsible and storable within large kayak hatches
​Large balloon style ​Large balloon style beach wheels (sold separately) can be swapped on the same frame
  Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance