High Back Kayak Seat with Lumbar Support

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Product Overview

freeshipping2.gifThe High Back Kayak Seat with Lumbar Support from Skwoosh has an adjustable lumbar pad which allows you to position it in order to find the back support you need to keep good posture. . The 1" thick seat cushion employs a patented, fluidized, pressure-relieving gel which conforms to your shape. With the tallest seat back available on the market, this kayak seat will work well for kayak fishing, long distance paddling or recreational paddling.

Seat Back Height 20"
Cushion Size 13"L x 16"W x 1"H
Color Black
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Features Benefits
Lumbar Pad An adjustable lumbar pad helps you keep your spine in good posture
Patented Pressure-relieving, fluidized gel seat that conforms to your body
Adjustable Front and back straps let you get the lean and angle you want
Reinforced Two plastic battens give additional strength to the seat back
Durable Heavy-duty fabrics and welded seam construction provide maintenance free comfort
Made in USA Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance

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