Hot Seat

$39.95 - $49.95

Product Overview

The Hot Sea Kayak Seat Cushion from Surf to Summit encourages a slightly forward posture to help the paddler better engage and utilize a thigh brace. The thermal-molded foam construction provides great comfort and support for your seat bones. Goes together great with the Sonic Back Band.

Attention sea kayak and whitewater kayak owners! No more hassles with sandpaper, glue or block foam. The Hot Seat attaches by simply peeling off the backing and permanently securing it exactly where you want it (be sure to identify the position you want before attaching).

Three Styles
Choose from thee great styles: Grande (Gray), a longer and wider seat for large paddlers; Spicy (Black) made a little bit firmer for serious whitewater kayakers; and Mild (formerly Indigo Blue, now in Gray) made softer for calm water touring kayaks.

Weight 0.6 lbs
Shipping Weight 1.0 lb
-Mild or Spicy 13.75" from side to side, 12" front to back
-Grande (Gray) 16" from side to side, 14" front to back
Thickness 1.25" taken from edge of seat
Three Styles Choose from Mild (Gray), Spicy (Black) and Grande (Gray)
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Features Benefits
Molded Compressed molded foam construction for long-lasting durability
Affixes Easily Peel off backing with adhesive makes it easy to affix to your kayak
Added Traction Tough high grip surface on seat top
Made in USA Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance