Master Row Pad

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Product Overview

The Master Row Pad - AGP Rowing Cushion with twin Gel Packs from Skwoosh is designed specifically for serious rowers. Advanced Gel Pack technology means that the advanced, pressure-relieving TekPad® Gel Packs are welded into place so that they rest directly under your ischial tuberosity, located at the lowest part of your pelvis, otherwise known as your 'sitz' bones, which bear the weight of your body while you sit. This AGP Row Pad thus helps to prevent numbness and discomfort in your legs and lower back by maintaining circulation. Lightweight and low profile, this cuhion will fit the standard row seat. It is also waterproof.

Weight 7 ozs
Shipping Weight 1 lb
Open Dimensions 9"L x 12"W x ½"H
Colors Now Available in Black, Royal Blue, Red and Pink
fastshipping202.gif Normally Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days
Features Benefits
AGP Advanced Gel Pack technology is designed to provide greater comfort and efficiency
Relief Using TekPad® lightweight pressure relieving gel
Comfortable Pressure-relieving gel helps you stay in the race longer
Low Profile Assists in maintaining torso distance and center of gravity
No-Skid No glue or tape necessary thanks to an integrated, no-skid bottom
Standardized Sized to fit a standard row seat - exactly
Durable Low slip cover material
All-Purpose Will work in all temperatures - maintenance free
idfblogo-half.gif Approved for use by the International Dragon Boat Federation
Made in USA Guaranteed workmanship and performance

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