Mushroom Anchor Kit


Product Overview

The Mushroom Anchor Kit from Sea Eagle  Mushroom Anchor Kit for Kayaks. Includes 8 lb. PVC coated Mushroom Anchor and 25 ft. of rope.
Tie off to handles or d-rings on your kayak or boat or use with an anchor system such as the Scotty® Anchor Lock.

Weight 8 lbs
Rope Length 25'
Rope Diameter 5/16"
Color Black

Normally ships in 2-7 business days if item is in stock. This item is only available to USA customers; Sea Eagle does not permit its US vendors to market its products outside of the United States.

Features Benefits
Easy Clean   PVC Coating means muck won't stick.
Includes PVC coated Mushroom Anchor and 25 ft. of rope.
Suitability Used on Explorer Inflatable Kayaks, FastTrack Inflatable Kayaks, Frameless Inflatable Fishing Boats, Inflatable Sport Kayaks, RazorLite Inflatable Kayaks, Inflatable Travel Canoe
Made in Asia           Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance