OC-1 / OC-2 Boat Leash


Product Overview

The OC-1 / OC-2 Leash from North Water come with a large clip to quickly on or off the boat without having to remove padded cuff. It has stainless steel swivels at each end that prevents twisting. Its plush padded cuff securely wraps above your ankle, and the premium quality urethane coil extends for ease of motion. The coil stays out of the water while relaxed, eliminating drag. This boat leash is perfect solution for you to keep your boat with you through a huli.

Length: 2'-5'-5"  
Padded Ankle Cuff Width: 2-3/4"  
Urethane coil  
Stainless steel Swivels  
Large plastic snap clip  
Color: Red  
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Features Benefits
Neoprene ankle cuff Keep you with your boat in comfort
High-grade urethane coil Superbly extends for ease of motion
Stainless steel swivels Tied at each end and prevents twisting
Large clip To quickly clip on or off the boat without having to remove padded cuff
Plush padded cuff Easily and securely wraps above your ankle
Made in Canada, Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance