Paddle Dawgs Collar

$8.95 - $10.95

Product Overview

The Paddle Dawgz Collar from Danuu lets your dawg go paddling in style. Choose from three sizes: Small (available in Red only), Medium or Large and from three colors: Kayak Black, Paddle Red or Canoe Green. 

Normally Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days

Weight 8 ozs
Shipping Weight 1 lb
Sizes Choose from Small (7"-11"), Medium (11"-16") or Large (16"-25")
Colors and Design Kayak Black, Paddle Red, or Canoe Green
Features Benefits
Adjustable Sliders allow adjustment around the neck to your pooch's comfort level, as per sizes above
D-Ring Allows for quick and easy leash attachement
Easy Attach Side-squeeze buckle allows you to put on or take off the collar quickly and easily
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance