Peaked Deck Bag


Product Overview

The Peaked Deck Bag from North Water is tapered to keep waves from crashing onto your face and contoured to fit snugly on the deck of your kayak. It is a high-capacity bag that helps you organize your top-side essential items and keeps them handy by reaching through the double-zippered door. The corrosion resistant zipper has easy-to-grip pulls. For quick stashing, use the exterior mesh pockets on either side of the bag. Or use the crossed bungies to store additional items. Over all, this is one super-functional deck bag.

Normally Ships on Wednesdays

Length 12"
Height 6"
Width 12"
Weight 0.73 lbs (660g)
Shipping Weight 1.25 lbs
Volume 550 cubic inches (9 L)
Colors Black, Yellow and Blue
Features Benefits
  Normally Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days
Arched Semi-rigid arched top above a countoured base which hugs your deck
Easy-Access Large, double-zippered door provides easy access to all contents
Bungee Crossed bungies provide extra storage
Pockets Exterior mesh pockets allow you to stash small items quickly
Tapered The tapered design reduces wind resistance and wave splash
Reflective Reflective tape sewn on each side for safety in low visibility conditions
Webbing Webbing connection straps secure the bag firmly to the deck lines


The large, corrosion-resistant zipper has easy-grip pulls for easy access
ca1.jpg Made in Canada: Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance

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