PFD Sea Link


Product Overview

The PFD Sea Link from North Water comes as a compact, cool in-line towing system that is ideal for quick release chest harness. It is adjustable and changes length swiftly from 4-1/2' to 17' with the release of a buckle. The integrated shock absorber allows smoother towing. This sea link is host to a compact deployment pouch also that contains 15’nylon web extension.

Wide Gate Paddle Carabiner  
Stainless Steel 2" D-Ring  
Floating Pouch in Bag  
Wide Gate Paddle Carabiner  
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Features Benefits
Smoother towing Comes with integrated shock absorber
Adjustable Change length quickly from 4-1/2' to 17' with the release of a buckle
Deployment pouch Compact in size, and consists of 15’nylon web extension
Uses Ideal for quick release chest harness
Additional benefits Floating Deployment Pouch in the event of a release
Made in Canada, Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance