PVC-Free Solar Shower

Was: $29.95
Now: $22.95

Product Overview

The PVC-Free Solar Shower from Seattle Sports is user-friendly and packable. A comfortable slide-bar doubles as both the port closure and toting handle. With molded-in finger grips, this bar allows for a comfortable handhold for toting a full shower. Reflective printing allows you to more easily find your shower at night. A tear drop shape concentrates the water flow to the shower nozzle. A super tough urethane tube and easy-to-use on/off lever shower head complete the shower. Shower head and tube are removable for more packability. Made with PVC-Free materials, you can bask in warm water and ecological peace of mind.

Capacity 5 gallons
Shower Time 11 Minutes 45 seconds continuous
Dimensions 27" (H) x 18" (W)
Features Benefits
Ecological peace of mind Bask in warm water and ecological peace of mind
Tear drop shape Concentrates water flow
Wide mouth opening For easy cleaning, filling and drying
Durable Secure slide-lock bar with integrated carry handle
Urethane tube Kink-free urethane tube
Lever nozzle On/Off Lever nozzle
BPA-Free, PVC-Free