Quick-Click Waist Belt


Product Overview

The Quick-Click Waist Belt from North Water have hands free paddling or swimming with a throw line always with you and ready for action. We designed a belt for our Micro Throw or 4-Bailer Throw lines and it will work with all our throw lines featuring the orange water whistle side squeeze buckle. With a quick click you have your throw line ready to go.

Color: Red/Black
Weight: 0.15 lbs
Polyester Belt: 3/4"

Ships inside of 3 weeks
Please indicate if you need it in a hurry

Features Benefits
Benefit: Perfect for Outfitters and Rental Fleets
Contains: Orange water whistle side squeeze buckle
Use: For our Micro Throw or 4-Bailer Throw lines
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance