Quick-Click Waist Belt


Product Overview

This Quick-Click Waist Belt from North Water is 3/4" polyester belt, and is the perfect solution for outfitters and rental fleets. You can have your throw line ready to go with a swift click. It allows you to have hands free paddling or swimming with a throw line. This waist belt is specifically designed to work with our Micro Throw or 4-Bailer Throw lines, and all our throw lines that feature the orange water whistle side squeeze buckle. You can carry this waist belt effortlessly anywhere you go, as it weighs mere 70 gram only.

Polyester Belt 3/4"
Quick Release Buckle  
Pealess Whistle Side-Squeeze Buckle  
Weight 70 g
variableshiptime200.gif Ships in 0 to 14 Business Days
Features Benefits
Lightweight Weighs 70 g only
Adjustable Adjusts to the size that best fits you
Uses Perfect for outfitters and rental fleets
Superior construction Assures finest quality and long lasting value
Additional benefits Allows you to have hands free paddling or swimming
Made in Canada, Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance