RazorLite 473rl Inflatable Kayak

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Product Overview

The RazorLite™ 473rl Inflatable Kayak from Sea Eagle is the world's first two-person inflatable kayak! Say goodbye to roof racks, trailers and straps.  Its sleek, high-performance design with a tapered, reinforced bow and stern ensures that you can cut through waves cleaner than any other kayak on the market at speeds up to 6 mph. This kayak comes with FlexBrace™ adjustable footrests that can be easily adjusted according to your leg length and comfort. It has two open and closed drain valves to extract excess water and four D-rings to secure the seat. Designed for two people, this inflatable kayak will be your perfect companion for your upcoming vacation with your companion.

Two Packages to Choose From
Each package comes with the inflatable Hull, two Tall Back Seats, a Large Blue Backpack, Two FlexBrace™ Footrests, a SUP Pump, a Slide In Swept-Back Skeg, and a Repair Kit. The Pro Tandem package comes with to AB40 Paddles while the Pro Carbon Package comes with Two AB50 Carbon Shaft Paddles.

The RazorLite™ Series
Why buy a heavy, bulky plastic kayak when you can have a kayak that fits easily in your trunk or back seat? The patented RazorLite™ drop stitch technology gives you the world’s first all-drop-stitch inflatable kayaks, which are easier to set up, much lighter than plastic kayaks, easier to transport and narrower, so faster in the water.  U.S. Patent 9,452,809

Paddler Level
Given the capabilities of the RazorLite™ high-performance kayaks, they are recommended for intermediate level paddlers and above, but not for beginners. 

Design: Hull, Bow and Stern
What makes the RazorLite™ series so special is the straight hull design, which maxes out your straight hull waterline length. With a width of just 25”, this kayak can match the speed of any plastic or fiberglass kayak of similar length. The name comes from the molded, reinforced bow and stern, which cut through waves with the precision of a razor. The double concave molding enables pockets of air to slide under the boat, creating lift and reducing drag. The same double concave shape of the stern provides a similarly clean exit. Even greater buoyancy is achieved by the tapered side walls coming to a rigid chine on either side, the effect being similar to how a catamaran works. 

World’s Only All-Drop-Stitch Kayak Series
Drop Stitch technology involves thousands of strong, high-tensile threads connected to the top and bottom of the inner canvas, acting similar to I-beams in a high-rise. Other inflatable kayaks inflate to 3-4 psi but Drop Stitch technology enables inflating the boat up to 10 psi, for tough-as-nails rigidity. 

FlexBrace™ Footrest
Designed to help you streamline your exertion and maximize your drive on longer paddles, the ergonomic FlexBrace™ footbrace from Sea Eagle is fully adjustable to 20 different positions to accommodate any size of paddler quickly and easily. Enjoy hours of comfortable bracing while powering through the surf!

Capacity: 2 people or 750 lbs / 340 kg
Weight: 44 lbs / 20 kg
Internal Dimensions: 452 cm x 53 cm
Deflated Dimensions: 92 cm x 61 cm x 31 cm
Material: Reinforced 1100 Decitex
Seam: Overlapped
Inflation Time: 8 minutes
Air Valves: 3 – recessed
Chamber: 3
Inflation Pressure: 10 psi
Normally ships in 2-7 business days if item is in stock. This item is only available to USA customers; Sea Eagle does not permit its US vendors to market its products outside of the United States.
Features Benefits
Smooth Performance: Straight hull design provides maximum waterline length.
Quick Entry and Exit: Rigid stern and bow molds cut through the water smoothly.
Long-lasting Comfort: Adjustable FlexBrace footrest for hours of comfort while bracing.
Easy Storage: Deflated kayak can be adjusted in car and truck trunks.
Warranty All purchases of Sea Eagle brand products are backed by Sea Eagle's 3-Year Warranty against manufacturer defects or parts found damaged upon delivery.
The warranty period for outfitters/dealers using inflatable boats as rentals is restricted to 1 year.
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