Reflex SUP Leash


Product Overview

The Reflex SUP Leash from Seattle Sports keeps your runaway board in check, whether you are on flat water or surfing. Stretching from 5 to ten feet, the swivel hook attachment gives you enhanced freedom of motion. The high-durability bungee coared is sheathed in a tubed webbing that helps to absorb shock and reduce drag. Release is quick and easy with the high visibility finger pull. The neoprene ankle cuff is padded and has a hidden pocket for your key. A great addition to your SUP gear for safety and convenience.

Normally Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days

Lenth 10' max
Weight 0.3 lbs
Shipping Weight 9 ozs
Color Black
Features Benefits
Padded Neoprene ankle is padded for comfort
Sheathing Durable bungee line is sheathed in tubular webbing to reduce drag and absorb shock
Quick-release High visibility finger pull easy to locate for quick detachment
Pocket Secret compartment key pocket hidden in ankle cuff
Freedom Freedom of motion is enhanced by the swivel hook attachment