Rescue Stirrup


Product Overview

This Rescue Stirrup from North Water helps you to re-enter your kayak with ease and confidence. It comes with a sinking webbing to position the loop for your foot and a neoprene cuff to keep the rest on top. For quick re-entry, it easily adjusts to the right length. You can mark webbing for specific adjustment to faster re-entries. Its large thumb hook attaches easily to deck lines or PFD for secure rapid access..

Yellow Nylon Webbing  
Acetal Tension Lock  
Plastic Thumb Hook  
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Features Benefits
Large thumb hook Easily attaches to deck lines or PFD for secure rapid access
Yellow webbing Offers high visibility and is easy to see in murky water
Adjustable Easily adjusts to the right length for quick re-entry
Neoprene cuff Keeps the stirrup afloat and neatly wraps for secure storage
Uses Perfect aid to help you get you back in your boat and paddling
Made in Canada, Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance