Rod Holder II - White


Product Overview

The Rod Holder II - White from YakGear holds any type of rod and reel, with just a few quick adjustments. Use the rotating collar to reduce ‘strike-theft’ and use the rear gimble lock to reduce rod rotation for compatible rods. A fully adjustable rod holder, this unit will adjust 360 degrees around and 90 degrees vertically. It will fit any Railblaza base. Since this is just the holder with no base included, you will not need hardware to install it on your existing base. No longer do you need to decide between holding a bait caster, spinning reel, offshore reel or fly reel. This will handle them all. No more compromises!

Weight 1 lb
Color Black
 fastshippingnew.gif Normally Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days
Features Benefits
Compatibility Compatible with baitcasting, spinning, offshore and fly reels
Rotating Collar Helps prevent “strike theft”
Rotation 360 Degrees
Vertical Rotation 90 Degree
Adjustable 360 Degrees around and over 90 degrees vertically

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