Rogue Advantage 1-Piece Whitewater Kayak Paddle


Product Overview

The Rogue Advantage 1-Piece Whitewater Kayak Paddle from Accent Paddles is the most powerful whitewater paddle in our lineup. With our Advantage Grip Technology, it brings all the benefits of bent shaft technology in straight shaft construction. Accent's Advantage grip helps relieve forearm fatigue and maintains correct hand to blade powerface orientation. With its large powerful blade outline coupled with advanced high performance dihedral brings control and precision. The compression molded blades are made using NASA grade tri-axial weave fiberglass for superior impact and torsional strength. If you're a creeker in search of unsurpassed paddling power, you need look no further.

Size 8" (W) x 18.8" (H)
Weight(oz) 38oz
Weight(g) 1077g
Surface Area 116 sq in (750 sq cm)
Blade Color Red
Length (Available in) 191cm, 194cm, 197cm, 200cm and 203cm
fastshipping202.gif Normally Ships in 0 to 3 Business Days
Features Benefits
Blade Compression molded tri-axial weave fiberglass blades
Technology Advantage Grip Technology
Paddle Excellent all-around paddle
Shaft High performance carbon shaft with Bent Grip
Performance Excellent river running paddle (RHC 30)
Shaft Material Carbon
Blade Material Tri-axial Fiberglass
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance