S-Hooks 4-Pack


Product Overview

The RS - S-Hooks/4 Pack from Seattle Sports are perfect solution for hanging clothes, bags, kitchen utensils, golf bags, and more. They feature “S” shape design, which looks stylish and innovative as well as add strength and distribute weight evenly on both hook. These multi-purpose hooks are thoughtfully designed to be used for various purposes. They are sturdy and reliable as they are made of high quality galvanized steel. You can use these hooks for lifting as well, by attaching the rope or chain using the hook ends. The dimension of these hooks is 2.75in H x 1.5in W, and they come in pack of 4.

Dimensions 2.75in H x 1.5in W
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Features Benefits
Uses Ideal to hang pots, clothes, towels, pans, kitchen utensils and more
Steel construction Assures sturdiness, durability and protects from rusting
Pack of 4 Perfect for hanging variety of things
S-shape Distributes weight evenly on both Hook and offers ultimate strength
Additional benefits Excellent for porch swings, planters or baskets, shop overhead lighting, and many other practical jobs
Made in Asia