Salmon Stowfloat


Product Overview

The Salmon Stowfloat - Combination Safety Float/Dry Bag from Watershed is stowage…and flotation – the name says it all. Float bags provide kayakers with ease of rescue if they swim, and ours give paddlers the added benefit of a place to keep dry gear. The Salmon is made to fit in a wide range of boats, but was designed for a self-support winter Grand Canyon trip using the Liquid Logic XP 10. The Salmon is wider and shorter than the Futa, with a larger opening and more volume.

Weight 1 lb 13 oz
Capacity 1500 ci (24 L)
Dimensions 31"H x 25"W (tapers to 6.5")
Opening Size 22"
Closure Type ZipDry
fastshippingnew.gif Normally Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days.
If out of stock, could take 3 to 6 weeks to make to order and ship.
Features Benefits
Versatile Flotation and storage in a single piece of paddling equipment
Resizeable Intended for larger yaks so you can maximize the available storage space
Customize Use the compression stap over the top for custom sizing
Control Use the inflat/deflate tube to easily control the bouyancy of the float
Waterproof Patented Zipdry track seal makes traditional three roll closure method redundant S
Submersible up to depths to 300'
Durable Polyurethane-coated, rip-stop weave 420-denier nylon with 5x the abrasion resistance of PVC fabrics
Resistant Nylon material is UV and chemical resistant
Quality Mil-Spec stitching on handles on buckles designed to hold up to wear and tear
Fused Radio frequency welded overlapping seams fused to bond multiple layers into one layer
Colors Choose from Black, Blue, Coyote and Orange
Made_in_USA Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance


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