SUP Sling - Carry Strap for Stand Up Paddle Boards


Product Overview

The SUP Sling Handy Carrying Strap for Stand Up Paddle Boards from Danuu, the answer to the popular Yaksling, is designed for Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boards. It will make carrying your SUP Board a whole lot easier and make you look a whole lot smarter. No more dragging your board in the sand.  Protect your board whilst making it easier to carry with the SUPSling. With protected 2" wide webbing, an adjustable shoulder strap, angled strap hooks, protected buckles and MicroVelcro loops for your paddle(s), the SUPSling brings it all together.

Note: The SUPSling will also work with most kayaks or white water boats.

Weight: 1 lb
Shipping Weight: 1.5 lbs
Width: 2" Wide Webbing
Color: Black
fastshipping202.gif Normally Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days
Features Benefits
Strong Sturdy 2" nylon webbing with 2" wide buckles for quick cinching and a tight fit
Support Swivel clips keep the board steady as you walk
Holder MicroVelcro loops for your paddle hold tight so you can use your paddle as a handle
Handy Comes with a mesh bag for proper storage
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance