Flying Burrito

Was: $51.95
Now: $44.95

Product Overview

How often do you worry about dings and scratches on your car or worse things happening to you or your mate's eye when tying down your boat? The Flying Burrito (Set of 2) from Surf to Summit is designed to minimize just such dangers. The premium-quality construction keeps them protected from problems of cracked windows, dings, scratches and similar fears. The uniqueness of these paddle leashes lies in their construction where the thermal-molded foam collar wraps over the cam buckles in order to keep the straps free to be tossed over the roofs of your sailing vehicle. These straps feature an inch thick nylon webbing and a marine-rated cam buckle for sturdiness. The extra webbing provided in the design is encapsulated with clamshell design Velcro to ward off the freeway flapping noise.

Length Each strap is 15' in length
Weight 0.75 lbs each strap
Shipping Weight 3 lbs
Color Black and Red
Features Benefits
Easy installation Includes a tie-down design that can be easily launched over the roof of your marine vehicle
Durable construction Its durability comes from a one-inch nylon webbing. It is used along with a marine-rated cam buckle
Optimizes easy usage A thermal-molded foam collar allows easy use by throwing it over a roof
Clamshell design Velcro's They eliminate freeway-flapping noise