Sweet Potato Chili Mac with Hemp Seed Protein


Product Overview

The Sweet Potato Chili Mac with Hemp Seed Protein from Trailtopia is made with premium ingredients including Macaroni noodles, Sweet Potatoes, Hemp seed, Kidney beans, Tomato, Green Bell pepper in our own spicy chili sauce. This product is Vegan and has the same great flavor as our standard product which is one of our best sellers! Our best-selling Chili Mac made with a twist. By popular request, we’ve altered this dish to make it vegan by using hulled hemp seed and sweet potato chunks for extra protein. Premium macaroni noodles are served with sweet potatoes, hemp seed, kidney beans, tomato, green bell pepper in our own homemade spicy chili sauce.

Shelf Life: 5-Year
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Features Benefits
Contains: Sweet potatoes & Tomatoes
Benefit: Protein packed kidney beans and hulled hemp seed
For: Vegetarians and Vegans
Advantage: Serves two
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