Tall Back Band

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Product Overview

One of our top-selling items, the Tall Back Band - Kayak Seat Back for Sit-Inside Kayaks is Surf to Summit's answer to the demand from sit-inside kayak owners for an answer to their top-of-the line GTS series. More of a kit than a seat, the ergonomically advanced TBB is so versatile it will fit with almost any sit-inside kayak. The 14" tall, compression molded foam back support is designed to straddle the upper lane of the hull, providing lower back support inside the cockpit and upper back support outside the cockpit. Thermoformed grooves allow the seat to curve naturally and adjust to the shape of your particular boat.

Comes with a daisy-chain ladder system that allows for a variety of rigging options, including: a 28" lengthy of 1" wide webbing with a tension lock at each end; four 36" support straps with a 3" loop at each end. Thread the main strap through the two loops on the back of the back band and this will serve as the focal point from which the other four straps diverge, two going forward, one from each tension lock, and two going backwards, one from each tri-glide. If you're rigging to internal support posts, you may get away with using just the simple loops. If rigging to studs or bolts, you'll need to install your own grommets or pad eyes. Call us if you want to add pad-eyes or brass snaps to your order.

Dimensions 23"W x 14"H
Center Strap 28" of 1" wide webbing with a tension lock on each end and two tri-glides in the middle
Support Straps each 36" long with 1" wide webbing with a 3" loop at one end
Color Black
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Features Benefits
Includes: backband, center strap, four support straps
Versatile Can be succesfully installed on almost any sit-inside kayak seat
Patented molded foam
Industrial Strength webbing, tension locks, and tri-glides
Made in USA Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance\