Tarpon Glass Lightweight Paddle


Product Overview

The Tarpon Glass Lightweight Paddle from Wilderness Systems designed and optimized for the Tarpon family of kayaks, but it also works exceptionally well with other rec and touring kayaks. The paddle's shape, size, and proprietary blade curvature deliver the optimal angle of entry and stroke depth for smooth, efficient, and flutter-free strokes regardless of paddle style or experience level.The Tarpon Glass Paddle offers a lightweight, yet more durable option, with a resilient fiberglass blade and a shaft that is 50% carbon and 50% fiberglass.

Adjustable Size 220cm base length, expandable up to 240cm
Weight(oz) 31 oz
Blade Size 640 cm2
Color Mango
variableshiptimenew.gif Normally Ships in 1 to 4 Weeks
Features Benefits
Ideal Angle Optimized blade shape for ideal angle of entry when used with the new Wilderness Systems Tarpon
Lightweight & powerful Features a lightweight yet powerful mid-size foam core blade that works well in any type of water conditions
Simple flip With a simple flip of a low-profile lever, the Tarpon paddle can be adjusted to fit virtually any paddler, model of kayak or stroke style
LeverLock Rock-solid Leverlock® adjustable ferrule system allows for infinity feathering options and enables up to 20cm of length adjustment (US patent 8491349)
Blade Material Durable fiberglass composite blade
Shaft System 50% carbon/50% fiberglass shaft
Efficiency Dihedral asymmetric blade provides smooth, efficient, flutter-free strokes
Blade Design Two-piece construction breaks down for easy transportation and storage
Wilderness Systems Works well with rec/touring kayaks from Wilderness Systems and other brands​
  Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance