The Drifter Kayak Seat

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Product Overview

Free ShippingThe Drifter Kayak Seat - Kayak Fishing Seat from Surf to Summit was designed for anglers who spend hours on the water in mind. Specifically made for the Drifter fishing kayak from Ocean Kayak, the three and a half inches of foam will raise you up to a higher and drier elevation. Made with a patented thermal molded process, this seat is highly durable and the channeled seat pad sheds water. A handy, removeable zippered pack keeps your gear and tackle in a nearby, easy-to-reach location.

Note: Aside from the 3.5" raised seat and the standard pack, the Drifter is identical to the High Tech.

Seat Back Dimensions 23" x 11.5"
Seat Cushion Dimensions 14" W x 13" Deep
Seat Cushion Thickness 3.5" Thick
Color Black
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Features Benefits
Thermoformed Closed cell EVA foam laminted to the fabric under 60 tons of pressure and 400 degrees of heat making it essentially a permanent bond.
Adjustable Forward and Rear Straps adjust to perfect fit
Made in USA Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance