Triple Berry Crisp


Product Overview

The Triple Berry Crisp from Trailtopia  is loaded with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries and a great balance of spices and sugar. We use our own Real crisp topping that is included in a separate bag. Prepare the filing and when ready to eat, sprinkle on the topping for a nice crunchy top. It's like eating homemade!

Calling all berry lovers! This warm and hearty delight is seriously packed with loads of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries and the right balance of sugar and spice. Inside the bag, you’ll find a separate packet of homemade crisp topping. Prepare the filling and when you’re ready to enjoy, sprinkle on the topping for a crunchy finish.

Pro Tip: Prepare and let sit while you’re enjoying dinner. Relax and enjoy!

Easy to Prepare: Open bag, remove and discard enclosed oxygen absorber before preparation. Remove topping packet and set aside. Expand bottom of bag. Add 1 cup boiling water, stir thoroughly, seal and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Open topping bag and sprinkle on prepared filling and enjoy!

Ingredients: Sugar, Food Starch - Modified, Freeze Dried Strawberries, Freeze Dried Blueberries, Freeze Dried Raspberries, Spices; Topping (Brown Sugar, Flour, Whole Grain Rolled Oats (With Oat Bran), Soybean Oil, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Buttermilk, Salt, Soy Lecithin, Potassium Sorbate(Preservative), Mono And Diglycerides(Emulsifier) Lactic Acid).

Servings per Package: 2
Calories: 233
Total Fat (g): 4
Saturated Fat (g): 1
Cholestrol (mg): 0
Sodium (mg): 48
Total Carbohydrates (g): 48
Dietary Fiber (g): 4
Sugars (g): 30
Protein (g): 2
Total Weight: 4.9oz (138g)
Net Weight: 4.0oz (118g)
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Features Benefits
Type: Vegetarian
Crisp Topping Separate Crisp Topping bag
Serving Type: Serves two
Real strawberries, blueberries & raspberries  
A touch of cinnamon  
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