Twenty-Two Inch Universal Kayak Blocks, Pair


Product Overview

This Pair of Twenty-Two Inch Universal Kayak Blocks from Seattle Sports is made with a No-Skid™ bottom for use on vehicles without racks, but will also attach easily to Yakima™, Thule™ or factory rack bars. Here is a universal kayak transport solution for wider kayaks or other fatter-hulled boats. Also available as part of the Deluxe Twenty-Two Inch No-Skid™ Universal Kayak Kit.

Weight 3 ozs
Includes One Pair
Shipping Weight 1 lbs 4 ozs
Block Dimensions 4" H x 4" Deep x 22" W
Color Gray
Features Benefits
No-Skid™ Designed to stay on your car roof top for kayak transport with or without a roof rack
Wide 22" of width will hold wider, fatter-hulled kayaks or even-bottomed boats