Watspo Drift Chute


Product Overview

The Drift Chute - Kayak Drift Control Mechanism from Watersports Warehouse allows you to slow your drift rate down when fishing on a windy day. Made from industrial strength nylon, the openings at both ends are lined with heavy duty nylon gwebbing and straps are sewn to the large opening, converging on a single nylon webbing loop. Comes complete with six feet of 1" line and quick-connecting brass clips.  Works great with the Anchor Trolley system. A great addition to your paddling gear collection, especially for kayak fishing enthusiasts.

Attach to your boat with brass clips and drop in water. The opposing current will expand the 17" diameter fully as you troll forward. The weighted packet keeps the bottom end below the surface. Acts like a parachute to create drag on your boat.

fastshipping202.gif Normally ships in 2 to 5 Weeks
Large Opening 17" in diameter
Small Opening 3.5" in diameter
Line 6' long and 1" wide
Color Black
Features Benefits
Complete Comes standard with six feet of line and quick-connecting brass clips
Strong Made with industrial strength nylon
Balanced Foam Packet on top, weighted packet (with shot) on bottom
Loop Straps converge on a single point around a nylon webbing loop
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance