Webbing Boat Hanger Strap

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Product Overview

The Webbing Boat Hanger Strap - Set of 2 from Surf to Summit holds two (2) kayaks and two (2) paddles on the wall of your choice and that the convenient height that you choose. Heavy-duty two inch webbing adjusts to fit both large kayaks and small kayaks. Adjustable two inch easy-release side squeeze buckles allow for easy connection and release with the bonus feature of a velcro loop on each strap to hold your paddles. You will need four (4) screws (screws not included) to attach this system to your wall. Locate the studs in your garage wall to determine screw placement or for concrete walls, be sure to use appropriate molly screws or plastic screw mounts inserted after drilling. A great kayak storage solution for amateur paddlers, professionals, outfitters or kayak shops needing an unobtrusive display solution.

Weight 1.25 lbs
Shipping Weight 2.0 lbs
Color Black
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Features Benefits
Heavy-Duty Durable 2" webbing
Extra Storage Velcro loops provide a convenient paddle storage option
Easy-Release Side squeeze buckles snap into place and allow for quick detachment 
Made in USA Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance and Performance

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